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Fruits & Passion offers body care products such as soaps (RMB 50 per 100g), body lotions, body wash, hand creams (RMB 98), foot creams (RMB 198), and essential oils (RMB 200 or more).


All body care products are based on essential oils. Smells differ due to different oil ingredients: rose, lavender, lemon, lily, etc.


Likewise, different oil ingredients give the various body lotions different functions.


Little boxes (50g) of hand cream ĘC which should actually be called hand butter in view of its thick texture ĘC leave your hands with a very nice smell like coconut or lemon.


The fragrance of their foot cream is quite powerful. This cream is designed to relieve the load of people with smelly feet.


What I appreciated:

The assistant had a good knowledge of products


Customers appreciate:

Special items


Florary Union offers essential oils, body lotions & wash, face masks, etc. Most products are made from plants grown in Australia. All the items use ingredients of essential oils.


Of note: 2 of the oils are made for bathing. Unlike other essential oils, those 2 can dissolve into water. One has a slimming and circulatory effect (RMB 280), the other whitens and smoothes your skin (RMB 298).


According to the sales assistant, 100ml of product will last forever, as only 10 or 15 drops are needed per bath.


What I appreciated:

Knowledge of products


Customers appreciate:

Good quality, special essential oils

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Beijing Shopping: Fruits & Passion offers body care products such as soaps, body lotions, body wash