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In a small, old-fashioned house on the city¡¯s north side, a beautiful form of art lured me in for a look. This was the Three Sisters¡¯ Art Workshop, where brushes decorated daily items to give them new looks. Themes ranged from deities to animals, court ladies to playful children.


Inside was filled with wonder. There was a small, elaborate make-up mirror resembling a courtyard door (RMB 150). The doors depicted a lady in a leaning posture. Open them, and I saw the mirror itself. ¡®This has been a hit since its debut¡¯, Mrs. Liu, the owner, told me as I examined it.


An array of rattle-drum also caught my attention. I used to play the drum as a kid. And they brought back old memories. There were also some of the most beautiful table cloths I¡¯ve ever seen! Each makes great cover for tables and other furniture.


In addition, there were also there are aprons, bookmarks, head rests, cups, and other uniquely decorated everyday items. Prices range from tens to hundreds of yuans.


Mrs. Liu was a kind woman, who speaks a little English.


What I appreciate

Rattle-drums I used to play with


What customers appreciate

Pretty items with unique decorations, quality service

Beijing pictures, Old Beijing Impression

Fans adorned with beautiful paintings and calligraphies have been popular among tourists and locals like. And that¡¯s what JingHua Fan House offers, beautiful hand-made fans.


This fan shop is located in the LiuLiChang Street, famous for its antiques and handcrafts. Inside JingHua, you¡¯ll find a large selection of hand-painted fans of all kinds: round, folding, and lady-style. In their studio, I watched as experienced painters painted on-the-spot themes such as landscapes, birds, flowers, and folk tales.


I picked up a folding fan. The front has a painting depicting a group of boys playing hide-and-seek. The back featured a Tang poem describing the scene. Wrapped beautifully inside a gift box, this particular folding fan sells around RMB 120.


The shop also offers other art. Their beautiful figurines include the legendary Monkey King known by all Chinese. Their paintings include landscapes and flowers.


Prices are reasonable, usually ranging from 100 to 200 RMB. The owner speaks a little English. Communication should not be a problem.


What I appreciate

Beautiful fans, quality service


What customers appreciate

Beautiful fans, reasonable prices


No one knows exactly how fan came about in China, but most believe that its discovery should be accidental. Although the first fans used feathers, ancient fan-makers eventually used silk and paper as main materials. Eventually, fans began to serve as a decoration in addition to its practical purpose, and thus became more lavishly designed and separated into different styles.


This Fan Shop in the Chaoyang district offers patrons a unique opportunity to shop for a variety of beautiful Chinese fans. One popular type is sandalwood fans, which come in various designs such as ¡°Ancient Beauties¡± and ¡°Panda Eating Bamboos¡±. The sandalwood fan presents subtle, fragrant scents, and smells particularly refreshing. However, it¡¯s much more ornamental than practical. Average cost for a middle-size sandalwood fan is around 80 RMBs.


In addition, the shop also sells Bamboo and Ivory types of fans. The owner speaks a little English, so communication is not a problem. If you like, he can even let you decorate your own fan.



What I appreciate

Large selection of fans


What customers appreciate

Amazing array of fans and affordable prices

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Beijing Shopping: This was the Three Sisters' Art Workshop, where brushes decorated daily items to give them new looks. Themes ranged from deities to animals, court ladies to playful children.