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Beijing pictures, Candles in Natural Mill

Natural Mill offers fake plastic flowers & plants, candles, towels, etc. A quick glance at the shop may abuse your senses: here is a flower shop, say you. A second, more inquisitive look would not change your idea.. You could not tell the difference between the real flowers and the plastic ones just by looking at them. You need to touch the fake to find these are plastic imitations.


Fake flowers are priced at RMB 38 each. Plastic plants cost RMB 28 each.


Some of the fragrance candles are shaped like apples or pears. A couple of green pears cost RMB 49.90.


What I appreciated:

Look so similar to fresh flowers


Customers appreciate:

Good quality, great prices


Lighten Candle sells scented and unscented candles. They carry a wide range of products. Some are really big, some tiny. They come in red, white, purple, etc. The shop also carries nicely designed candleholders.


What I appreciated:

Special designs


Customers appreciate:

Wide choices of products

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Beijing Shopping: Natural Mill offers fake plastic flowers & plants, candles, towels, etc.