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At the northeast of Tian¡¯anmen Square lies a Chinese folk handicrafts shop. A wooden tablet hangs over the gate that reads ¡®Folk Graft Gift¡¯ in English. Don¡¯t miss this: they carry unique handmade Chinese gifts and adornments.


On my recent visit to this shop, I found something that impressed me: bamboo decorations!


According to the shopkeeper Mr. Zhou, customers could have anything inscribed on them, including their names and the English versions of famous Chinese books.


If you have no time to visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xi¡¯an, the shop has small replicas of the warriors.


I also saw replicas of ancient bronze statues and other objects, such as daggers, goblets, cooking vessels, and Pixiu (a legendary animal).


If you like Kung Fu movies, pick up one of their swords. They are made in the famous Shaolin Temple. They are rather heavy, so handle with care.


What I appreciated:

Folk handicrafts, decorations


What customers appreciate:

Folk handicrafts, decorations


¡®Da Shan Qing¡¯ -- Mountain Gifts, is a famous brand selling bamboo art near the Forbidden City in Beijing.


Coming from XianNing, a mountainous city where bamboos are abundant, Mountain Gifts offers a large selection of bamboo books and sculptures.


The crafters of the shop use the ancient way to make bamboo books ¨C by hand-carving on the narrow bamboo strips. Their themes include Dream of Red Mansion, legend of Eight Immortals, Chairman Mao¡¯s snow poem, and Sun Tzu¡¯s Art of War. Each piece sells around RMB 300.


In the bamboo sculpture section, I was enthralled by the sculpture of ¡°Zhu Lin Qi Xian¡± ¨C the seven famous scholars of the 3 Kingdoms era. The carving works were excellent, as I could see clearly the smallest details. Ms. Zhang, the owner, said a good bamboo sculpture doesn¡¯t come easy. Qualified bamboo is hard to find and the shape will largely affect the sculpture process. That particular artwork is priced at about RMB 2,000.


The shop also offers little bamboo products, such as jars, dishes, food baskets, spoons, and trays.



What I appreciate

Beautiful bamboo products


What customers appreciate

Beautiful bamboo products, good service

Do you know that combing your hair is not only very good for the skin on your head, but also improve the blood circulation of your whole body? Getting the right comb not only can help make your hair look nicer, but also lead to better health.

Tan¡¯s, a small shop with a quaint wooden storefront, only adopts natural material, such as boxwood, ebony, sandalwood and buffalo's or cow¡¯s horns, to make their comb products. These materials are than coated in lacquer, all to allow the best comfort while you brush.

Every comb sold at this store is also a piece of art. The one I liked the most was a small-sized boxwood comb in black, with an engraving of red cherry blossoms at the top (RMB 128). I found it both graceful and elegant.

If you prefer health benefits over looks, then choose combs made from animal¡¯s horns (RMB150-300). Although not as fancy as the wood combs, they are more durable and better at massaging the skin on your head.

Besides combs, the make-up mirror (RMB150-200) that is made of sandalwood with Chinese painting on the top also looks gorgeous. Since Tan¡¯s is a franchise store, all prices are fixed.

What I appreciate:
wood combs decorated with flower patterns

What customers appreciate:
massage comb, mirror & comb gift set


Nestled among old Beijing-style courtyards on Guozijian Jie, Zakka is an interesting place where to buy gifts as you stroll around the Hutongs (Beijing old alleyways). The shop is run by a Japanese lady, Hangyo Rie, and by her Chinese photographer husband, Liu Tong.

"Zakka" means knick-knacks in Japanese, and the store carries a variety of gift items imported from the Land of the Rising Sun--including transparent glass teapots (RMB 40) to infuse pu'er tea (a variety of Chinee green tea with a strong taste and healthy proprieties), cat figurines, sushi mats (RMB 15), various sizes of rattan fruit baskets, and towels printed with charming Japanese patterns. A wide range of handmade jewelry is also on display.

The little shop's decor has been juiced up with a series of Liu Tong's photographic works on the walls, depicting different scenes of Beijing.

The couple speaks basic English and good Japanese, so you can talk with them in both languages.

What I appreciate

The transparent teapot

What customers appreciate

A large selection of gift items imported from Japan

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Beijing Shopping: At the northeast of Tian'anmen Square lies a Chinese folk handicrafts shop. A wooden tablet hangs over the gate that reads "Folk Graft Gift" in English. Don't miss this: they carry unique handmade Chi...