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Hand-painted fans have a long history in China, and are still popular today. They are not only used in summer, but good gifts on any occasion. In a famous street lined up with lots of painting, calligraphy, antique shops, I found a shop Jing Hua Fan House.

Mr. Shen, the shop owner, is a gifted artist. He would paint on fans in front of your very eyes.  There are two different types of fans: traditional court silk ones, and folded paper ones. The court silk fans are designed for women. I especially noticed one round silk fan featuring a beautiful plum blossom. In China this is the symbol of  purity and fortitude. The folded paper fans are used by men. They are characterized by vivid paintings on the front and calligraphies on the back.

Prices are around RMB 100.

The shop also displays a large collection of clay figurines and framed paintings. Prices range from RMB 100 to RMB 200.

What I appreciate:

beautiful handmade fans of good quality

What customers appreciate:

hand-painted fans, reasonable price

Beijing pictures, Inexpensive T-shirts for couples

With hearts, flowers, teddy bears, candy, roses, and cupids, Diandian shop has T-shirts with designs every Valentine gifts imaginable. Two shirts with matching designs are what Diandian sells. The Shop owner said her main customers are young couples who love their cartoonish matching T-shirts.

Regular quality T-shirts are simply RMB 80 per pair or RMB 45 each. High quality lovers T-shirts cost RMB 150, while long-sleeved shirts cost RMB 180 per pair.

You have quite a few designs to choose from. There are traditional Chinese designs like paper-cut pictures, animal mascots, Beijing Opera markings, and Chinese calligraphy. Then, there are western patterns such as teddy bears, cupid, Disney characters, and impressionist pictures.

The Shop owner friendly showed her wall of photos, all customers happily wearing Diandian's lover T-shirt. She told me that she loved the smiles on their faces as they wear the shits.

The Shop owner doesn't speak English. You can bargain a little bit, so bring pen and paper.

What I appreciate:
Kind service

What Customer Appreciate:
Lover T-shirts at low prices


While Hello Kitty lives in London, she does visit China¡¯s capital from time to time. If you want to find her and her friends in Beijing, go to the official Hello Kitty Shop on DongChangAn Street. You can find fashion accessories, wallets, various bags, watches, and much more.

The shop assistants recommended me a music box, one of their best selling products . This musical box doubles as a jewelry box, with a top compartment for earrings and small jewelry, and a large bottom compartment for larger pieces such as pendants, and brooches. When you wind up the music box, you will watch the Hello Kitty ballerina revolve to the music. This lovely music box prices at RMB 138.

Prices for the products there range from RMB30 to RMB 1,000. The shop assistants speak basic English, so they can help you find out your favorite.

What I appreciate

A large selection of Hello Kitty goodies and reasonable prices

What customers appreciate

A large selection of Hello Kitty goodies and reasonable prices


If you¡¯re looking for good souvenirs or gifts, but not sure what kind, give Blue Hat a try. This shop on DongSi North Street has gifts for all occasions: birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, just to name a few.

The variety is amazing. You can choose from animal figurines to home decor accessories The Farm Truck Wind Chime is the best seller in the shop. With a neatly trimmed old fashioned miniature truck on top, this charming chime is sure to bring a smile to those nostalgic for the familiar sights of the farm. It prices at RMB 69. I personally really liked the Indonesian wood sculptures, which sells for RMB 159 to RMB 299.

Prices for the dedicated gifts there range from RMB 10 to RMB 900. The shop assistants speak basic English, so simple conversation is no problem.

What I appreciate

A large selection of gifts

What customers appreciate

Something for everyone


When you take a stroll on DongSi South Street, make sure to visit the House of Tibetan Gems. As one of the few Tibetan stores in Beijing, you get a unique opportunity to shop for exotic, fascinating and beautiful curios, gifts, handicrafts and accessories from the Himalayan region. There are also a variety of beautiful handcrafted jewelry in silver, gold, turquoise, and other semi-precious stones.

The shop assistant recommended me a wallet which is the most popular product in the shop. It is made of 100% yak skin with the Potala Palace and Tibetan characters pressed on the cover. Priced at RMB 280, it makes both a great gift and for your personal use.

The prices for the products there range from RMB 8 for a GeSang bag up to RMB 1300 for a Tibetan Knife. Though the shop assistants do not speak English, they will try their best to make you appreciate the individuality and aesthetic appeal of all the products from the "Roof of the World".

What I appreciate

Ornate Tibetan handcrafts

What customers appreciate

A large selection of Tibetan accessories

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Beijing Shopping: Hand-painted fans have a long history in China, and are still popular today. They are not only used in summer, but good gifts on any occasion. In a famous street lined up with lots of painting, callig...