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Though an established brand in the US, Simon G.Ą¯s recent opening at The Place represents the jewelerĄ¯s first foray into the Asian market. And everything in this carefully designed and planned store is focused on pitching their products towards its new customers. Recognizing the needs for most of their clients, there is a strong emphasis on the bridal theme.

The jewels themselves are certainly enough to impress you and your significant other. The designs are glitzy and innovative, with a focus on two-tone coloring and creative placing of stones. The materials used are also of premium quality, with the majority of pieces fashioned from 18 carat gold or platinum, featuring the most precious of stones. Those who find some of the designs a bit too ostentatious for their tastes can choose from simpler, more contemporary designs.

Prices starts from RMB 700 for a simple 0.5 carat ring and rises up to RMB 128,000 and beyond for an extravagant diamond and gold-latticework band. The store is currently running a promotion where every purchase of over RMB 5,000 comes with a complimentary solid silver key ring, valued at RMB 666.

The shop assistants speak basic English, so simple conversation is not a problem.

What I appreciate

The great designed diamond rings

What customers appreciate

Full range of high quality and great designed jewels

Beijing pictures, A Huge Gold & Jewelry Shop

Located at the northeast corner of Caishikou Intersection, Xingbaixuan Gold & Jewelry Shop is a huge store selling gold, platinum, jadeite and crystal jewelry. Every category has a wide range of patterns for customers to choose from.


The eastern section in the shop specializes in jewelry made from jade, such as necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Chinese people consider jade a symbol of auspiciousness which will bring safety and health, while westerners admire its grace, mystery, and romantic nature.


The pendant patterns are mainly divided into two categories: Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, and Pi Xiu, GodĄ¯s animals in ancient Chinese legends which will absorb and keep wealth for you. Prices for jadeite Pi Xiu range from RMB 550 to RMB 4380. And the most valuable Guanyin pendant costs 180 thousand yuan. The green, fine jadeite Guanyin looks shining and translucent, while the halo around her head and the lotus pedestal under her crossed legs are made of platinum. Usually, patrons can enjoy some discount here.


The other parts of the shop carry various gold jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, eardrops, and commemorative coins. The jewelries featured include both Chinese and western designs, in many unique patterns. The price for G999 per gram during my visit is RMB 226.


What I appreciated

Solid gold and jadeite jewelry, elaborate designs.


What customers appreciate

Large gold & jewelry shop, a wide variety of patterns for choice, good quality.


Huiboli Jewelry Shop specializes in precious and semi-precious stones and metals: palladium, diamonds, platinum, silver, and jade. They provide both wholesale and retail services.


The shop is spread on two floors. On the first, they carry pure gold, diamonds, platinum, and jade. On the second level, they offer silver jewelry. All items are designed and made by Beijing Huiboli Jewelry Co., Ltd. Quality is guaranteed.


When customers purchase RMB 1000 of merchandise for the first time, they benefit from wholesale prices.



What customers appreciate

A wide variety of silver jewelry to choose from, guaranteed quality, exquisite designs, reasonable prices.

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Beijing Shopping: Though an established brand in the US, Simon G.'s recent opening at The Place represents the jeweler's first foray into the Asian market. And everything in this carefully designed and planned store is...