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Failed in your effort to get into a naturally healthy lifestyle? Quit midway throughout your 101th diet due to lack of effectiveness? Tired of wasting your hard-earned dollars on health products that refuse to work?


All this can and will be changed if you come and visit GuiShi Tea Shop in Beijing.


With one of the best green tea selections in China, this shop is popular with dieters. The teas, grown and baked in GuiShi¡¯s own plantation high in the mountains, are rich in polyphenols and are proven effective in losing weight.


Also, their teas are original, organic, and free from pollution, thus healthy and safe for dieters.


Some customers drink their teas as a quick way to shoot up their energy level.


The shop owner says that their tea helps get rid of harmful wastes in the body and enhances metabolism.


Aside from these scientific benefits, their teas also taste quite good. After sampling one tea,  Sara E., a patron from the U.K., says she will serve it during a theme party she is planning to throw.


This shop has spent a lot of time finding the best way to brew their tea, and they will demonstrate this method to you for free!


Great tea, great benefits. Ready for a much better life?

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Combining Chinese traditional Tea culture with Eastern medicine, Hanyilou shop on Beijing's famous tea street Maliandao carries a series of healthy tea pillows.

Tea pillow has a long history in China. Many Chinese in ancient times made simple tea pillows to treat headache and insomnia.

The shop owner, Mr. Zhang, told me they use natural green tea, Oolong tea, or flower tea. All teas are gathered from in natural tea gardens located above Mount Taimu in Fujian Province, and then used to fill the pillow¡¯s heart.

A fragrant pillow could improve sleep quality, rejuvenate one's mind, and  reduce stress. Prices vary from a small cushion for RMB 118 to an adult pillow at RMB 236.

The shop also displays some cute tea-pet figurines, like the ¡°dragon fish¡± and ¡°two lions fighting for a ball¡±. All these are symbols of blessing in China. Tea lovers like to raise their tea pets on the tea set, by splashing them with extra water used in teas. Due to the special of the materials used, the pets become shinier the more hot tea they absorb. Prices vary from RMB 15 to RMB 50.

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Beijing Shopping: Teas sold in Gui Shi Ming Cha are great for shooting up energy level, and popular with dieters.