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Wandering around Athena Xu is like walking inside a private room, with accessories, hats and home furnishings cleverly draped all through the boutique.

All pieces inside are unique, hand-crafted from a variety of materials, including leather, silk, chiffon, and ribbon. The accessories are adorned with glass beads, crystal and pearls to give off their own distinctive feel. You can even create their own design, which Athena Xu then makes according to your specifications.

Prices for hats and scarves start at RMB 165, and jewelry cost ranges from RMB 80 to RMB 735. Although certainly pricier than mass-produced products, such as those at the nearby Yaxiu market, these beautiful pieces provide a unique feel in a world where everything is mass-produced the same way.

What I appreciate

The handmade crystal necklace

What customers appreciate

Various accessories made from great craftsmanship


But rather, the vitamin you wear. As a cute hat shop, Vitamin covers only about ten sq. meters within WuDaoKou Clothing Market. Yet they’re always crowded, due to their favorable reputation among patrons.

Originally from Korea, where hats are phenomenally popular, Vitamin aims to bring this fashion trend to China. They offer more than ten categories of hats, including baseball hat, cricket cap, octagonal hat, straw hat, and fisherman hat. All stock comes directly from Korea, each with its own unique design.

Several limited edition designs caught my eyes. One used natural denim and linen to make the hats. These are well ventilated, perfect for Beijing’s summer heat. For protection from the sun, try the soft gray army cap (RMB 80). Other notable headgear includes a woven Trilby (RMB 180) and bling-tastic neon bejeweled cap (RMB 120).

Baseball hats are priced at RMB 100-150, cricket caps at RMB 130-150, and gorros priced at RMB 30-120. You may find some hats on sales for a 20% discount occasionally. Sales clerk speak basic English, and can help you pick out your favorite hat.

What I appreciate:

Various styles of hats, reasonable price

What Customers appreciate:

Unique design, discounts


Are you a lady looking to buy a hat, any hat? If so, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for at NanMo Hats Shop on WangFuJing Street. They have some of the largest selection of women's hats, at excellent prices. As I walked around at the shop, I found hats for all occasions.

The shop offers, among others, dress hats, casual hats, and sun visors. With the coming of winter, the the store’s best seller is the wool Lauren Bucket, a comfy basic winter hat. The 3" high square crown has 2 rows of self piping. The colors come in Black and Camel. Priced at RMB 318, it makes a great gift for the holiday season.

Prices for the hats there range from RMB 60 to RMB 1,100. The assistants speak basic English, so simple conversation is no problem.

What I appreciate

Large selection of women's hats

What customers appreciate

Large selection of women's hats and various levels of prices

Beijing pictures, As an Offical Licensed Olympic Merchandise

With the 2008 Beijing Olympiad drawing near, the Offical Licensed Olympic Merchandise Outlet on the first floor of Yueshow Fashion Market has become a popular destination for foreign and domestic tourists alike. It carries a full selection of official Olympic souvenirs. The products include mascots, T-shirts, hats, bracelets, pack bags, wallets, umbrellas, cups, and pens.


The best-sellers, though, are the 5 Olympic Fuwa(Lucky Dolls) mascots.--resembling fish, panda, Tibetan antelope, swallow, and Olympic flame respectively. With names BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing, and NiNi, their names make up the Beijing Olympic motto: BeiJingHuanYingNi (Beijing Welcomes You). The dolls are happy, lively, and represent good luck to all Olympic  participants and fans worldwide. So fans of the Olympics, or just fans of cute mascots, should certainly find the store to your liking.


Shop assistants are hospitable, and can speak good English. Prices vary.  An Olympic bracelet, for example, prices at RMB 18.  While a big, cuddly mascot character each cost several hundred Yuan.


What I appreciate

Welcoming atmosphere and large selection of products


What customers appreciate

The Fuwas – Lucky Dolls

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Beijing Shopping: Wandering around Athena Xu is like walking inside a private room, with accessories, hats and home furnishings cleverly draped all through the boutique.