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Lao Beijing Sheng Shi Lou (Old Beijing Restaurant) has been in business for more than twenty years. The restaurant, just as its name suggest, looks “old”. The restaurant’s interior decorations are reminiscent of ancient Ming or Qing dynasty. They use very old furniture designs, and the employees wear traditional Chinese clothing to help set the mood.


Customers there agree that the restaurant’s atmosphere help their appetite. When you are having dinner here, you not only enjoy the traditional Chinese food but also feel like you’re in ancient China. The unique ambiance separates this restaurant from others.


Lao Beijing Sheng Shi Lou prices as a mid-level restaurant. They have several popular dishes. These includes Instant Boiled Mutton (a type of lamb hot pot) priced at RMB 15/dish, variety of traditional cold dishes priced at RMB 8-15, and Roasted Beijing Duck priced at RMB 48. Service is great, and servers dress nice too. Overall, Old Beijing provides great environment for dining.


What I appreciate

Delicious food, reasonable prices


What customers appreciate

Interior decoration, good services

Beijing pictures, T6, Beijing, China

T6 is a hot pot restaurant franchise in Beijing. There, you can enjoy the hot pot specialty dish on a comfortable sofa. It is served by beautiful waitresses and handsome waiters in a fine environment. Because the restaurant is equipped with a very good A/C system, the air is fresh and clean. 


The soup in your pot is unique. It comes in three flavors: spicy, spicy and hot, and less spicy. All three stimulate your taste buds but will not hurt your stomach. The restaurant also serves nutritious soups which are said to help preserving your health. This is the case, for example, of chicken soup with Chinese lycium (some regional herb) and bone broth.


Prices for soup range from RMB 25 to RMB 78.


If you order from the menu, you have a choice of vegetables, mutton, beef, mushrooms, seafood, and Chinese dim sum. A meat dish costs RMB 48-68 per plate (0.4 kg); vegetables cost RMB 16-26; sea food, RMB 58-98, and dim sum RMB 12-30 (4-6 per plate). Menus are also written in English and in Korean.


What I appreciated:

Nutritious soup


Customers appreciate:

Good beef, comfortable environment


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Beijing Shopping: The restaurant looks "old", its interior decorations are reminiscent of ancient Ming or Qing dynasty. It serves traditional Beijing food.