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Beijing pictures, HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop in Beijing

Decorated in traditional Chinese style, HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop specializes in TieGuanYin (Iron Avalokitesvara) tea. Very popular with the Chinese, TieGuanYin calms the nerves and gives a soothing feel to those who drink it. Due to the nature of its large, heavy leaves, full enjoyment requires a traditional tea set for brewing.


Designated by DiaoYuTai State Guesthouse, a famous hotel built in 1958 for receiving foreign dignitaries, as their exclusive tea producer, HuaXiangYuan Tea is renowned for its unique taste and superior quality. In fact, the national government even uses HuaXiangYuan¡¯s tea as gifts to foreign dignitaries.


The tea shop comprises two floors. On the first floor, various well-packaged TianGuanYin teas are displayed on shelves. Furthermore, there are several classical hardwood tables and chairs. Customers can sit here and sip TieGuanYin tea in a traditional Chinese setting. On the second floor, there are some private rooms for customers to hold tea parties.


Prices for various TieGuanYin teas in fine packaging range from RMB 260 to RMB 7500 per 500g. They also offer various Pu¡¯er tea cakes and bricks for RMB 180 to RMB 980 (250g/357g).


What I appreciated

Top-quality TieGuanYin Tea, decoration with traditional characteristics.


What customers appreciate

Some of the best TieGuanYin tea in China, traditional Chinese setting.

Beijing pictures, Candlelight Teahouse

Passerbys can be attracted to Candlelight Teahouse, for this tea house is housed in a traditional Chinese-style building, and has a very large, beautiful, and traditional courtyard. An island of beauty lost in modern surroundings.


The very spacious courtyard features a lawn, trees, sunflowers, a rockery and a pond, a stone-paved narrow path, even two lovely peacocks raised in a large cage. Except in winter, patrons can choose to sit under the porch, or in the courtyard and enjoy a fragrant Chinese tea.


The teahouse also offers nine private rooms to those of its customers who wish to taste their tea alone or with a small party. The price of a private room is RMB 30 per hour, and RMB 150 if you don¡¯t want your time to be metered during business hours.


Candlelight Teahouse specially recommends specific varieties of teas: Xihu Longjing, Biluochun, Tie Guanyin, Dongding Oolong, and Dahongpao. Prices for a serving range from RMB 50 to RMB 500.


What customers appreciate

Excellent Chinese teas, beautiful and spacious courtyard, peacocks.


Taiyuanfang Teahouse is an expert in traditional Chinese tea art.


It is situated on the second floor of its building. The entrance door is guarded by two clay statues of ancient warriors. Classical furniture items line both sides of the corridor. On the left, there are small private rooms. Step ahead, and turn left: a line of traditional Chinese tables and chairs are set alongside the windows. Customers can sit there, and enjoy both a cup of Chinese tea and the outside scenery. Soft classical Chinese music is floating in the air.


On a shelf, many kinds of Yunnan Pu¡¯er teas are on display: their cost ranges from RMB 80 to several thousand yuan. According to a waitress, the house offers over 50 kinds of teas including the famed Longjing, Tie Guanyin and jasmine tea, and a dozen of other refreshments.


If you want to enjoy your tea alone or with a small party, rent a private room RMB 20 for an hour, or RMB 80 if you want to keep it without time limits. Refreshments cost RMB 10 a serving. For a party of five or six customers, the cost per person will amount to RMB 30 to RMB 40 on average. A helping of melon seeds or pistachio nuts will be sent for free to customers.


The teahouse also shelters the Taiyuanfang Bridge Club.


What I appreciated

Elegant atmosphere, quality Chinese tea, classic Chinese furniture, appeasing classical Chinese music.


Ahimsa Crystals and Tea Shop specializes in natural crystal jewelry and ornaments mainly imported from Brazil. The shop also sells Chinese tea.


Among the items artfully displayed, I noticed some beautiful crystal ore; fine ornaments made of natural crystal and jade; Chinese traditional patterns covered with natural crystal and jade; world-famous traditional Chinese teas: Tie Guanyin, Longjing, Bi Luochun, jasmine tea, as well as a unique Pu¡¯er tea harvest from 100-years old tea trees.


The shop features a tea bar that serves no-egg cakes and refreshments.


What I appreciated

Beautiful natural crystal jewelry and ornaments, agreeable environment, attractive display, enthusiastic and kind service.

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Beijing Shopping: Decorated in traditional Chinese style, HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop specializes in TieGuanYin (Iron Avalokitesvara) tea. Very popular with the Chinese, TieGuanYin calms the nerves and gives a soothing feel ...