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Beijing pictures, HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop in Beijing

Decorated in traditional Chinese style, HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop specializes in TieGuanYin (Iron Avalokitesvara) tea. Very popular with the Chinese, TieGuanYin calms the nerves and gives a soothing feel to those who drink it. Due to the nature of its large, heavy leaves, full enjoyment requires a traditional tea set for brewing.


Designated by DiaoYuTai State Guesthouse, a famous hotel built in 1958 for receiving foreign dignitaries, as their exclusive tea producer, HuaXiangYuan Tea is renowned for its unique taste and superior quality. In fact, the national government even uses HuaXiangYuan¡¯s tea as gifts to foreign dignitaries.


The tea shop comprises two floors. On the first floor, various well-packaged TianGuanYin teas are displayed on shelves. Furthermore, there are several classical hardwood tables and chairs. Customers can sit here and sip TieGuanYin tea in a traditional Chinese setting. On the second floor, there are some private rooms for customers to hold tea parties.


Prices for various TieGuanYin teas in fine packaging range from RMB 260 to RMB 7500 per 500g. They also offer various Pu¡¯er tea cakes and bricks for RMB 180 to RMB 980 (250g/357g).


What I appreciated

Top-quality TieGuanYin Tea, decoration with traditional characteristics.


What customers appreciate

Some of the best TieGuanYin tea in China, traditional Chinese setting.

Beijing pictures, The Thousand Taels of Tea

Decorated in a traditional style, Yipingudao (English name: Supreme Tea Life) is a tea shop specializing in quality Pu¡¯er tea from Yunnan Province.


In the shop, you will see a spacious interior with a traditional Chinese atmosphere. Various Pu¡¯er teas are displayed on a wooden shelf. Cake-shaped Pu¡¯er teas, which weigh 200g to 1000g, cost RMB 40~380. A brick-shaped Pu¡¯er tea is priced at RMB 135 (250g).


Tea sets are on display as well. A rectangular tea plate made of ebony with eight pieces of porcelain pea pot and cups looks graceful, and is priced at RMB 408. A set of the famous purple clay tea sets made in Yixing, Jiangsu Province costs RMB 160.


The most attractive thing in the shop is the Thousand Taels of Tea. You will find it right on your left side after entering the door of the shop. It looks like a columned tree trunk that is 147 cm in height, 20 cm in diameter, and 1000 taels in weight (an ancient measurement unit). It was made in Anhua, Hunan Province, and was collected by the tea company in January, 1989. As it is no longer produced, the tag price is a whopping RMB 168,000!


This tea company also owns a large teahouse nearby, so you can actually try out their teas before buying.


What customers appreciate

Quality Pu¡¯er tea, exquisite tea sets, reasonable prices.

Beijing pictures, A scene in TianXiaPu'er Tea Shop

GuDaoTianFeng TianXiaPu¡¯er is the complicated name of a shop which specializes in Pu¡¯er Tea. This shop carries over 50 varieties of Pu¡¯er teas coming from the Yunan Menghai Tea Plant which owns 10,000 acres of tea land in the mountains.


Pu¡¯er Tea has a distinct, smokey flavor. Its brew is darker in color than green teas, but not as brown as the water of a Darjeeling, for instance. Its taste is stronger than longjin tea, and some people might find it a bit too peculiar. Pu¡¯er Tea is highly regarded in China where it is considered highly beneficial to one¡¯s health.


In the shop, the varieties of Pu¡¯er teas are displayed orderly on the shelves. Some green plants here and there enhance the shopping environment. Two ancient and simple tea tables and some round stools made of tree stumps offer a welcome seating to tea lovers. The pungent aroma of Pu¡¯er tea drifts in the air.


Prices for tea cakes (raw/processed, 357g/per) vary widely, from RMB 55 to 1,600 apiece. Prices for tea bricks (raw/processed, 250g/per) range from RMB 60 to RMB 860. Bowl-shaped compressed teas (raw/processed) cost RMB 5~40 for 50g. Prices for 50 g of loose-leaf tea (raw/processed) range from RMB 9 to RMB 260.


The shop also carries some tea ware: the larger tea cups cost RMB 28 each, and the smaller ones RMB 30. Prices for tea sets (4 pieces) range from RMB 150 to RMB 250.


What customers appreciate

The diversity of Pu¡¯er teas, agreeable environment for a tea tasting party, reasonable prices.

Beijing pictures, Jingtan Teahouse and Tea Shop

Jingtan Teahouse is located on the Huashi East Street, Beijing.


It features all the characteristics of a Beijing teahouse: a rockery, traditional furniture, Chinese calligraphy, and landscape paintings decorating the walls. Patrons can play Chinese chess and the Go game here for free.


You can reserve a small (RMB 30/hour), large (RMB 50/hour), or deluxe (RMB 88/hour) private room if you want to hold a private party, or just like to sip your tea quietly. A glass of Xihu Longjing tea or Biluochun tea costs RMB 38. A pot of Tie Guanyin tea is priced at RMB 90 or RMB 180, and a pot of Pu¡¯er tea is RMB 100 (no free refilling).


A portion of Xihu Longjing tea is RMB 110 or RMB 260, a portion of Huangshan Maofeng tea is RMB 60 or RMB 110, and a portion of Tie Guanyin tea costs RMB 90 ~ 680 (free hot water refill). The price for a snack of munchies (pistachio nuts, black and white melon seeds, popcorn) is RMB 10.


The tea shop is adjacent to the teahouse. Customers can buy many kinds of Chinese teas, such as Tie Guanyin (RMB 30 ~ 800/500g), Xihu Longjing (RMB 40 ~ 800/500g), green tea before Qingming (RMB 50 ~ 260/500g) and jasmine tea (RMB 15 ~ 500/500g).


If you need a tea set, a Yixing purple clay tea set will cost RMB 100 (5 pieces) or RMB 60 (7 pieces).


What I appreciated

A wide variety of Chinese teas, traditional Chinese-style decoration, a tea shop next to a teahouse.


Originated in 1887, Wu Yu Tai is the most famous teashop chain in Beijing. With a history of 120 years, Wu Yu Tai runs tens of its teashops in Beijing, which are famous for fresh, healthy, quality and secure teas. It¡¯s likely you find a Wu Yu Tai Tea Shop if you take a stroll on streets anywhere in Beijing.


Though prices are a bit higher at Wu Yu Tai than other teashops, but the quality is utterly guaranteed. And all Wu Yu Tai Tea Shops stick to the same high standards for quality, service, decoration, and environment. You will feel refreshed at once when you enter a Wu Yu Tai Tea Shop and sniff the agreeable tea fragrance.


Quality teas found there: jasmine tea, green tea, pu¡¯er tea, and black tea.


What I appreciated

Best quality Teas, long history, good reputation, refreshing environment.

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Beijing Shopping: Decorated in traditional Chinese style, HuaXiangYuan Tea Shop specializes in TieGuanYin (Iron Avalokitesvara) tea. Very popular with the Chinese, TieGuanYin calms the nerves and gives a soothing feel ...