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With 56 ethnic groups, Chinese art comes from many different cultures and backgrounds. And Chinese handicrafts you see in stores include designs from many different ethnic groups. All of their cultures contribute to the richness in the design of Chinese handicrafts today.


The Panjiayuan area Mona Antique Gallery specializes in authentic handicrafts and accessories of various Chinese ethnic groups in southern China, including Miao, Dong, and Yi.


Miao ethnic group is famous for its silver craftsmanship. The store features various silver ornaments, which the Miaos use for hats, clothes, necklaces and bracelets.  For great embroidery works, the store offers the embroidery made by the women of Dong using techniques handed down through generations. For lacquer paintings and drawings, Yi artists provide high-quality aesthetically pleasing works.


As expected from a store with so much to choose from, prices vary a great deal. For gifts and souvenirs, you can get many items for under RMB 100.  Some of the more intricate works, though, can cost more than RMB 10,000.


What I appreciate

Large selection of ethnic handicrafts


What customers appreciate

Large selection of ethnic handicrafts and reasonable prices

Beijing pictures, Huaxia Arts and Crafts Shop

Huaxia Arts and Crafts Shop is built in an antique style. Two white stone lions are keeping guard at the door. The shop specializes in old jewelry, embroidery, old porcelain, classical Chinese furniture, old pocket watches, etc.


Getting into the shop, a customer feels a serene and agreeable artistic atmosphere. Every article on display is appealing and worthy of appreciation. Old jewelry such as jadeite eardrops and necklace pendants is displayed in showcases. Delicate and lifelike embroidery works hang on the wall. They cost RMB 380 to RMB 10000. Among them, a yellow pattern named ˇ°Dragon Gownˇ± priced at RMB 8500 looked very attractive. A cloisonn¨¦ work named ˇ°Elephant Carrying Vase on Backˇ± cost RMB 190. Most old porcelain items on display were made in the Qing dynasty. Prices for old pocket watches range from RMB 1800 to RMB 8800.


What customers appreciate

Old and exquisite works of art, traditional Chinese handicrafts, a good place for collectors.

Beijing pictures, Embroidery bag

Jinxiu Chaindeng carries embroidery mainly. Embroidery is a traditional Chinese artwork involving embroidering beautiful patterns on silk or clothes. Handmade embroideries are much more expensive than machine-made ones.

The quality of the embroidery patterns offered here is quite good. The material is very soft, and patterns are very diaphanous.

The shop owner, a young man, is born in America. He speaks English fluently. He came back to China in 1997, and engaged in exporting embroidery he had designed himself. His work combines modern Western culture and Chinese traditional culture perfectly, and finds a very popular echo overseas. It was even featured in a Japanese economic newspaper. Many Japanese tourists come to shop here.

Prices for embroidered Chinese style clothes range from RMB 200 to RMB 450. Prices for embroidered bags range from RMB 20 to RMB300. Excellent value for money. The same products sold overseas would cost 5 to 7 more

What I appreciated:
High quality products much cheaper than overseas, hospitable native English-speaking owner who tells you the inside story on any product you like.

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Beijing Shopping: Mona Antique Gallery specializes in authentic handicrafts and accessories of various Chinese ethnic groups in southern China, including Miao, Dong, and Yi, whose cultures contribute to the richness in...