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Morgan is an Italian womenĄŻs wear brand. It has an outlet  located on the 1st floor of New Gate City Mall, Haidian District. The shop offers womenĄŻs wear for young ladies from 20 to 35 years old. I arrived there just in time to see a clearance on the offseason clothes.


The discounts are very nice. For example, I found an elegant casual business suit for RMB 288, down from its original price of RMB 576. It was turquoise blue, and made from 90% cotton and 10% urethane elastic fiber, with the collar designed in the shape of a lotus leaf. You can find many other models like this on sale at nice prices.


Among the clearance items, a milk-white party petticoat really caught my eye. It was a sleeve-less design with a long V-shaped collar and a milk-white belt at the waist. Made from silk, cotton and urethane elastic fiber, the petticoat felt was exceedingly light and soft. The price was RMB 828.


The shop assistants speak a little English, so there is no problem for them to help you pick what you need. In general, prices for their clothes are from RMB 500 up to RMB 2000.


What I appreciated:

A casual business suit in turquoise blue


What customers appreciate:

Famous womenĄŻs wear brand with good quality


This store offers a wide variety of casual sportswear, which are made in Guangdong Province. Since I visited the store during autumn, the store was slashing prices on many summer merchandise.


Near the entrance of the shop, there were rows of men's sports shoes. According to the shop assistant, 360 Degrees shoes are made of high-quality cotton and leather. I took a look at one, and the stitching looked very good.


Sports shirts and pants displayed on both sides of the shoes. The colors and designs catered mostly to young men. But there were some merchandise for women. The shop assistant recommended me a soft, white t-shirt with a deep blue turn-down collar. This 100% cotton shirt had a RMB 298 price tag.


The shop's sports shoes were RMB 400 to RMB 1000. Their apparel price from RMB 200 to RMB 600. Summer garments had a 30 percent discount during my visit.


What I appreciated:

High quality


What customers appreciate:

Great prices


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Beijing Shopping: Morgan is an Italian women's wear brand. It owns a shop located on the 1st floor of New Gate City Mall, Haidian District. The shop offers women's wear for young ladies from 20 to 35 years old. I arriv...