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Beijing pictures, 'Longsheng' cake tea

If you want to buy some Chinese tea, I highly recommend Pu'er tea due to its great health benefits, such as losing weight, lowering blood fat, and nourishing stomach.


At the southeast of Xuanwumen lies a Yunnan Pu'er Tea City. Outside the building you can notice a sign on a window writes "Longsheng", a big brand famous for Pu'er tea. The company owns some of the largest tea mountains in China. They are so famous even the president Hu Jintao personally visited their organic tea base on Yingpan Mountain. When it comes to quality, Longshen is second to none.


Inside the outlet, I found each of their goods attached with a price tag. The shop assistant told me that the prices are the same nationwide. They have a wide range of compressed tea for customers to choose from. A cake tea usually weighs 357 grams, and its price starts from 50 yuan. Tuo Cha (bun-shaped tea) looked lovely. A 250-gram grade A package cost 96 yuan. Yinya Tuo Cha, or Silver Sprout Pu¡¯er Tea, had many tea sprouts with white tiny fluff. Its grade was higher than the previous one, and priced at 150 yuan per piece (250 g).


The outlet also carries jasmine tea, organic green tea and oolong tea made in Yunnan.


What I appreciated

Quality Pu'er tea, famous brand


What customers appreciate

Healthful Pu¡¯er tea, reliable quality

Beijing pictures, Kangwei Sporting Goods Shop

Kangwei, which means healthy and powerful in Chinese, is a famous Chinese sporting goods brand with over twenty years of history. Their products made in Guangzhou feature original designs and comfort. And they cost less than foreign sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas. On the south side of Tiyuguan Lu lies a Kangwei outlet. Its striking blue sign will help you recognize the shop easily.


When I was at the outlet, the newly arrived athletic suits were shown in the window. Most of their sportswear is made of pure cotton, or cotton with dacron. Jogging pants there were in a single color, with stripes down the sides. When I touched the fabric, it felt soft, elastic, and not very thick. For Beijing¡¯s temperature, it¡¯s perfect for spring and fall. The tag price for them was 148 yuan each, but customers could get one pair at 118 yuan after cutting 20% discount off.


Long-sleeved T-shirts (RMB 128) were on display as well. Customers have three colors to choose from: white, black, and orange. The fabric has good venting quality.


The shop also had a wide variety of sports shoes to choose from.


What I appreciated

High quality but inexpensive sportswear


What customers appreciate

Chinese famous sportswear brand, reasonable prices


Jun porcelain originated from Yuzhou City in central China. It has flourished in China for over one thousand years.


What makes Jun porcelain unique is that there¡¯s no pattern to be designed. It fascinates people by its magnificent natural beauty. This is created by the process "Yao Bian", or "Kiln transformation". The ware enters the kiln as a bland piece of pottery. But after bisque burning at low temperature, followed by glaze application at high temperature, the product reappears out of the kiln with thousands of fantastic colors. Because of the random process involved, each piece is totally unique.


The production of Jun porcelain is very difficult, as a tiny mistake can ruin the entire process.


On the second floor of Baigong Handicraft Museum lies a shop named Junbao Zhai, who specializes in Jun porcelain ware. Various Jun porcelain items like vases and bowls fill the shelves. The main colors include purple, blue, green and red. But as the patterns are not made by man, you must examine them closely to find the pattern.


A smaller round vase in purple color cost about 800 yuan. The most expensive one cost more than ten thousand yuan.


What I appreciated

Unique Jun porcelain ware, naturally made patterns


What customers appreciate

Unique, rare Jun porcelain items for collection

Beijing pictures, Eggshell porcelain bowls

In the country of origin for porcelain, the most famous place for producing porcelain is Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province. In fact, the city¡¯s name is synonymous with porcelain.


Walk 15 minutes southward from Tian¡¯anmen Square, and you can find a JingDeZhen shop called JiangQingZhai on ZhuShiKou East Street.


On my visit there, I found something amazing. One that really reflects a saying about JingDeZhen porcelain, ¡®white as jade, thin as paper, bright as mirror, and sounds as chime stone¡¯.


I discovered two porcelain bowls on a shelf. One is bigger than the other. Both are so thin that even look transparent in some areas. This style is called hollowed-out work, and looks amazing. The bowls are painted in various types of blue patterns.


Another appealing piece was a set of ten eggshell bowls. Each is laid inside another, with the smallest in the center. The exterior surface of each bowl has paintings of lovely, vivid flowers and birds. Tag price for this set of bowls is 860 yuan.


What I appreciated

Jingdezhen porcelain, porcelain bowls as thin as paper


What customers appreciate

Elaborate eggshell porcelain bowls

Beijing pictures, Hong Du Tailor Shop

In Beijing, "Hong Du" is a traditional, well-known brand for tailoring service. Under the support of former premier Zhou Enlai, the brand was established in Beijing in 1953. Since then, the tailor masters of "Hong Du" have been making suits for generations of Chinese top leaders and foreign dignitaries. In fact, Mao Zedong was wearing a Hong Du tunic suit when he posed for the portrait currently hanging on Tiananmen.


A ten-minute walk from Tiananmen Square will take you to the flagship store of Hong Du. The main hall looks rather spacious. Apart from Chinese tunic suit and Qipao, they also make business suits, formal dresses, swallow-tailed coats, jackets, and shirts.


The various top-grade fabrics are imported from abroad. Including labor, prices for a suit made with Italian fabrics range from 8,700 yuan to 15,000 yuan. While a suit made from British fabrics would cost 15,000 yuan to 23,000 yuan.


The shop assistant told me that making one suit generally takes a month. And you need to go to the shop three times: the first to select fabric and style, the second to try it on, and the third to pick it up.


The shop also provides alteration service.


What I appreciated

Famous brand, top-rank tailor-made service


What customers appreciate

Chinese old brand, top-quality and handcrafted clothes

Beijing pictures, Daoxiangcun Foodstuff Store

DaoXiangCun, a familiar brand to every Beijinger, is famous for Chinese pastries, candies, cooked meat, and fast-frozen food.


Yesterday afternoon, I found a DaoXiangCun store on XiSi North Street. There were a lot of locals buying various products, a common scene at any DaoXiangCun store.


At the pastry section, a wide variety of dim sums are on sale. Many old and middle-aged residents were waiting at the counters. The famous Green Bean Cake and Chocolate Wafer are sold at 13 yuan per 500 g. For customers suffering from diabetes, the shop offers sugarless pastries. For instance, a bag of sugar-free cookies weighing 250 grams costs 7.5 yuan.


People also flocked to the cooked meat section. The inviting smell was really hard to resist. What I liked best were braised chicken (18 yuan per 500 g) and spiced beef (41 yuan per 500 g). Dried bean curd, which cost only 7 yuan per 500g, will also satisfy your taste buds.


For those who hate cooking or have no time to cook, there are fast-frozen dumplings and wontons to choose from.


What I appreciated

Popular Beijing pastries, time honored brand


What customers appreciate

Well-accepted Chinese pastries, reasonable prices

Beijing pictures, Pearl necklaces displayed on shelf

On the first floor of Baigong Handicraft Museum lies a large pearl store, which specializes in both freshwater pearls and seawater pearls. As the shop attracts a number of foreign tourist groups every day, it gets the name "Group Pearl Store".


Arriving at the store, I was pleasantly surprised to find several shop assistants separately introducing their produces in English to some overseas customers. Each assistant was doing her best to offer foreign friends a pleasant shopping experience.


In showcases and on shelves, I found a wide variety of pearl jewelry to choose from. The pearls are pure in color and come in different sizes. All feature beautifully creative designs. A string of necklace with big pearl beads cost around RMB 4,000. Also, a necklace pendant in the shape of a cross caught my eye. The pearl was pure, soft white, and the four ends were made of gold. It was priced at RMB 1,883. At the earring section, a pair of earrings made of shining blue pearl beads and 925 silver stood out over others. It cost 1,281 yuan.


For men, the shop also offers pearl ties, stickpins, and cuff links.


What I appreciated

Delicate pearl jewelry, a wide variety for choice


What customers appreciate

Genuine pearls, creative designs

Beijing pictures, Jiangqingzhai Jingdezhen Ceramics Shop

When it comes to porcelain ware, the town of Jingdezhen is by far the most famous in China. On the southern side of Zhushikou Dongdajie lies a large Jingdezhen porcelain shop named Jiangqing Zhai. It is owned by a porcelain company based in Jingdezhen.


Various delicate porcelain wares behind the shop windows attracted me in. The spacious setting is full of artistic atmosphere. A wide variety of porcelain items are displayed on shelves. The selection was very good.


According to the shopkeeper from the city of Jingdezhen, all these items on display can be divided into four categories: artistic porcelain created by famous artists, antique reproductions, daily-use porcelain, and gift items.


I noticed several beautiful items. One was a plate painted with colorful mandarin ducks, lotus flowers, and lotus leaves (RMB 70). Another was a gift box, which contained three little caskets painted with lovely pandas eating bamboos (RMB 100). I also admired many elegantly-painted vases with strong traditional Chinese characteristics.


What I appreciated

Agreeable shopping environment, reasonable prices.


What customers appreciate

Elaborate porcelain, reasonable prices.

Beijing pictures, Zhangyiyuan Tea House near Zhushikou

Zhangyiyuan, which was established in 1900, is a China¡¯s time-honored brand for tea. With their own tea plantation in southeastern China¡¯s Fujian Province, Zhangyiyuan has been providing top-quality teas to both domestic and overseas customers. One of its numerous outlets in Beijing is on Zhushikou West Street, at the center of the capital.


It¡¯s hard to miss the shop, as you¡¯ll see a huge red sign in English ¡°Zhangyiyuan Tea House, since 1900.¡± Soft aroma of teas greets every visitor upon entering. Their jasmine tea is the most popular among Beijingers. There are more than a dozen types, priced from RMB 30 to 500 per 500g.


You can find other great teas here as well. The famous Longjing Green Tea, which literally means ¡®Dragon Well¡¯, is priced from RMB 130 to 4200 yuan per 500g. While the heavy Tie Guanyin tea sells for RMB 580 to 2800.


You can also find some purple clay tea sets on display.


What I appreciated

Quality tea, time-honored brand


What customers appreciate

High quality Chinese teas, well-known brand in Beijing

Beijing pictures, Jinfang Snack Bar

Speaking of Jinfang Snack Bar, every old Beijinger knows it. The eatery originated in 1926, specializing in beef and mutton at that time. It developed into a Beijing-style snack bar, and eventually changed its name to Jinfang. The original location was on Chongwenmenwai Dajie, where many old Beijingers went to enjoy breakfast. Recently, Jinfang opened a new eatery at the southwest corner of Ciqikou.


Although I entered the eatery around 3 pm, there were still many people savoring unique snacks with relish. The decoration is simple and very approachable. Nearly 40 kinds of snacks are displayed in showcase. To order, simply point at the displays.


There are many popular items inside. One is Nai You Zha Gao, a fried cake with golden cream topped with sugar. It tastes crispy outside and soft inside. Another is Yuan Xiao, sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour.


You can also sample many savory traditional snacks like Mian Cha (Seasoned Millet Mush), Zhima Shaoping (Baked Sesame Seed Coated Cake), and Tang Huoshao (Baked Wheat Cake with Brown Sugar).


Prices are cheap in general. Breakfast should cost you less than RMB 10. And any other meal would not be much more expensive than that. So please try these old Beijing snacks when you get a chance.


What I appreciated

Traditional Beijing snacks, inexpensive prices.


What customers appreciate

Traditional Beijing snacks, inexpensive prices.

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Beijing Shopping: If you want to buy some Chinese tea, I highly recommend Pu'er tea due to its great health benefits, such as losing weight, lowering blood fat, and nourishing stomach.