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Few residents in the Jing An Zhuang area are unfamiliar with the Double-Tree Massage Center, hidden in a quiet street near the northern part of East Third Ring Road. Not only do they offer some unique massages, but they can also make house-calls if you¡¯re living nearby.


Double Tree came about three years ago when several professional masseuses decided to open their own shop. Their services include face, shoulders, back, and whole-body massages. Prices range from RMB 38 to RMB 68 per hour.


For customers who want a pedicure, they also give excellent foot massages. Among the interesting services Ba Guan or Cupping treatment, which the process of drawing blood from the body by the application of cupping glass as for relieving internal congestion. This treatment has proved to be quite effective in curing fever and other illnesses. Price is RMB 28.


Upon request, they can come to your home to give massages at RMB 128 / h. The service is popular with the older Beijingers. The masseuses are experienced in dealing with foreign customers, so communication is not a problem.



What I appreciate

Good services. Interesting massages


What customers appreciate

Good services and affordable prices


Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat, a Sanlitun area Dragonfly Massage & Nails Salon, distinguishes itself from other similar places as an appealing establishment attending to all your needs: massage, pedicure, manicure and waxing.


Massage services range from 30-minute Head & Shoulder Massage (RMB 65) to 2-hour long and nourishing Aroma Oil Massage (RMB 820). Well-trained masseuses give incredible head to toe massage treatments.


They have over 25 types of pedicure treatments, including Remove Acrylic, Stick on Nails, and Paraffin Hand Treatment. The masseuse also recommends waxing services for your neck, lower legs, and abdomen. Prices for nail and facial services start at RMB 45.


The staff is hospitable and speaks good English. So communication is not a problem. They also insure a sanitary environment, sterilizing the tools before giving you a manicure or pedicure.


Come one, and come all.


What I appreciate

Welcoming atmosphere and wide range of services


What customers appreciate

Quality services and tranquil ambience


The origin of reflexology dates back over 4,000 years to ancient China. This healing technique is closely linked to Acupuncture and makes use of energy channels related to specific organs and functions. It has long been used in China for back and neck pains, digestive disorders, constipation, and many other illnesses.


Wuzhisheng Feet Reflection Health Center, with their expertise in TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine), offers quality foot & spinal flexology and other massage services. The therapists are certificated professions from prestigious TCM colleges. During the therapy, they stimulate various areas of the foot to release the blockages. This allows the body to heal in a natural way. The cost is RMB 128.


Reflex Therapy through Medium--the center¡¯s original creation¡ªis very popular recently. The therapists gently manipulate to release undo pressure from top to toe. It helps with digestive disorders and endocrine disorders. This cost RMB 480.


The therapists can speak a little English, and can tell you a little about the methods they use.



What I appreciate

Soothing atmosphere and excellent skills


What customers appreciate

Soothing atmosphere and excellent skills

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Beijing Shopping: Double tree not only offers some unique massages, but they can also make house-calls if you're living nearby.