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Want to decorate your home, but don¡¯t like the traditional Chinese designs? Sure, you can find pottery-ware everywhere in Beijing, but Xiangcun Art Studio features a different style from others with its modern designs.


This Art Studio in the Chaoyang district offers an extensive variety of fine pottery works. The thousands of products here will amaze you, including people sculptures, ashtrays, pencil vases, and much more. All the works are made in-house at Xiangcun¡¯s own workshop.


The studio¡¯s 30 renowned artists and designers focus on post-modern arts. This, among others, makes their products particular popular among young people. Prices start from RMB 25 for a beautiful ashtray, but rise up to thousands Yuan for some exquisite figures.


Made-to-order service is available upon request. The shop assistants are experienced in dealing foreign customers, so the communication is not a problem.



What I appreciate

Fine pottery works


What customers appreciate

Beautiful pottery works and affordable prices

Beijing pictures, The Facade of  Pottery Workshop

The Pottery Workshop impresses every passerby by the fascinating pottery work on display behind the show window.


The main ceramic work offered here is cups and bowls. Some are made in the Chinese style, some in the Japanese style. Cups are painted with delicate patterns, and they are relatively thicker than ordinary ones. All the products carried by the shop are made by a certain factory. Since they are handmade, no two items are entirely the same.


The shop boss is a pottery lover who devotes all his energy to pottery art. He looks at every product as an artwork. Every process is controlled strictly to make sure high quality. The pottery works here have both a practical use, and a souvenir value.


Prices range from RMB 30 to RMB 500.


What I appreciated:

Exquisite aspect


What customers appreciate:

Culture flavor

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Beijing Shopping: This Art Studio in the Chaoyang district offers an extensive variety of fine pottery works.All the works are designed by its 30 renowned artists who focus on post-modern arts, and made in-house at Xia...