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Located at San Kongjian, Discover has its eyes on celebrities' used luxuries. In other words, a ¡°designer depot¡± with a focus on celebs¡¯ garb. Despite its limited space, this second-hand fashion boutique stocks an alluring array of designer labels and styles from the stars' wardrobes, such as supermodel Qu Ying's red Y-3 dress, singer A Duo's Prada handbag, and He Jing's classic Burberry skirt.

Other eye-catching items include a Swarovski gold plated necklace with crystal pendants (RMB 900), a charming satin Marc Jacobs tulip dress (RMB 2,800), and a Philosophy black crotchet skirt (RMB 1,500).

All of the items are nearly new, and are discounted by over 50 percent according to the owner. She speaks basic English, and welcomes any customers to trade in or sell her their luxury goods. The store applies a ten percent commission to the listed price.

Great way to buy almost new luxury items in Beijing.

What I appreciate

The Swarovski gold plated necklace

What customers appreciate

Various celebrities' used luxuries at reasonable prices


Located on the famous SanLiTun Street, Dongxihui was founded by a Chinese actor Liu Bin in 2006. This unique shop sells the secondhand items used by Chinese stars. Upon entering into the shop, you will be caught by its distinctive decoration, with glass walls and mirrors around the shop. The atypical wooden sticks pinned on the glass divide the ¡°wall¡± into many small photo frames.

The owner has a large collection of precious items, including the camera used in the first Chinese movie, the souvenirs of Chinese astronauts, and a T-shirt of famous Chinese singer Na Ying. The most famous item to westerners may be the golden lotus used by Ziyi Zhang in the movie The Banquet.

One worthy note about the store is its support of Project Hope, a non-governmental organization supporting youngsters in poverty-stricken areas. The famous photo ¡°Big Eyes¡± of Project Hope is really eye-catching within the biggest photo frame. 1% of all revenue goes to Project Hope, so you can help the poor along with the purchase.

The prices for the products there start from RMB 58 for a souvenir of a Chinese movie up to hundreds of thousands yuan for unique treasures.

What I appreciate

A large selection of secondhand items used by Chinese stars

What customers appreciate

A large selection of secondhand items used by Chinese stars


So what did the Chinese use and wear in the 70s? You can see this upon entering Chai-Na Secondhand Shop on the Yandai Xiejie. The store name is a pun on the English pronunciation of China, but actually means ¡°dismantling¡±, The shop owner has been collecting the valuable and interesting secondhand goods from the relocated households. He has such a huge selection of old items, from radios to clothes to toys.

Among all his ¡°treasure¡±, the owner loves the Yanwu tape recorder most memorable. He noted it was really one of the first tape recorders made in China, and still works very well after nearly 40 years! Priced at RMB 388, this recorder cost even more than a new one.

The prices for the goods there range from RMB 2 for a picture-book to RMB 488 for an old TV. The guy speaks only basic English, but he will definitely try his best to make you feel the lifestyles of Chinese people in that period of time.

What I appreciate

The tape recorder and the 1970s' decoration style

What customers appreciate

A large selection of old second things

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Beijing Shopping: Located at San Kongjian, Discover has its eyes on celebrities' used luxuries. In other words, a "designer depot" with a focus on celebs' garb. Despite its limited space, this second-hand fashion bouti...