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Beijing pictures, Chinese bamboo flute- Yadi Musical Instrument Shop

Yasheng Musical Instrument Shop is one of the oldest shops selling musicalal instrument in Beijing. It offers both modern Western and traditional Chinese models. To boot, it teaches patrons to perform their selected instruments.


A large selection is on display: percussions, and orchestral instruments. Apparently, what attracts tourists most often are small instruments which are seldom used in a regular show, such as a cute clay pig figurine. You could not imagine it can be played until the shop assistant floors you with a demo.


The shop has many of such curiosities. They look like regular pieces of art, but you can use them to charm your audience.



What I appreciated:

Instruments with a unique shape


What customers appreciate:

Learning to perform traditional Chinese music, good souvenir gift

Beijing pictures, Traditional Clothes

Wanyi shop carries folk handicraft from Northern China. On display, typical articles from various provinces: clay figurines from the Shanxi province, embroidered shoes made by the Yunnan ethnic minority, facial make-up in the Beijing opera style, etc. The shop offers over ten sorts of typical products.


Among them, the most popular is a kind of children¡¯s clothes called ¡°Bai Jia Yi¡±. Made by the senior citizens of a village in the Shandong Province, they are made in fabric leftovers which have macerated in some tincture. In olden times in China, people believed that clothes made of macerated fabric would bless their children. This manufacturing tradition has ben kept alive because the tincture bath makes such fabric beautiful and comfortable.


The shop is visited by many travelers and Beijing residents who come here especially for these children clothes. Some of them don¡¯t even have children: they just buy the clothes as a beautiful souvenir.


Prices range from RMB 60 to RMB 120.


What I appreciated:

Strong folksy flavor


What customers appreciate:

Beautiful souvenir gift

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Beijing Shopping: Yasheng Musical Instrument Shop is one of the oldest shops selling musicalal instrument in Beijing.