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Beijing pictures, A Corner of Sheng Tang Xuan

Sheng Tang Xuan is a small shop well known for the variety of folk artworks it carries.


In the tiny 30 sq.m floor space, about ten categories of typical folk handicrafts are on display.


Hair monkeys - You can see large scale hair monkey models here. A wedding ceremony attended by hundred of monkeys is by itself worth the trip to the shop. It reflects the entire process of Chinese wedding.


Flannelette (soft cotton) figurine - Named in Chinese ¡°Rong Bu Tang¡±. A famous brand since the Qing dynasty. It is this shop¡¯s golden brand.


Paper¨Ccuts ¨C All the paper-cuts here are made by famous artist Sun Er Lin. The carving is very delicate. These products are high class paper-cuts.


Rubber models ¨C models of Beijing quadrangle, and models of Beijinger folks¡¯ life.


Prices range from RMB 10 to RMB 3000.


What I appreciated:

High quality folk artwork.


What customer appreciate:

Diversity. vivid figurines.


Long Yi Yuan Chuan is the first shop in China which specialized in various kinds of Japanese cartoon characters. Many cartoon products are piled up in the shop: cartoon toys, cartoon books, professional brush-pencil for cartoons, cartoon knapsacks, cartoon T-shirts, etc. Some of them are imported directly from Japan. Japan original products are much expensive than those made in China. According to the shop assistant, foreign travelers love to have their T-shirt printed with cartoon characters. Every T-shirt is priced RMB 40.

What I appreciated:
Cartoon pattern, high quality

What customers appreciate:
Comprehensive inventory of cartoon products

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Beijing Shopping: Sheng Tang Xuan is a small shop well known for the variety of folk artworks it carries.