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In a small, old-fashioned house on the city’s north side, a beautiful form of art lured me in for a look. This was the Three Sisters’ Art Workshop, where brushes decorated daily items to give them new looks. Themes ranged from deities to animals, court ladies to playful children.


Inside was filled with wonder. There was a small, elaborate make-up mirror resembling a courtyard door (RMB 150). The doors depicted a lady in a leaning posture. Open them, and I saw the mirror itself. ‘This has been a hit since its debut’, Mrs. Liu, the owner, told me as I examined it.


An array of rattle-drum also caught my attention. I used to play the drum as a kid. And they brought back old memories. There were also some of the most beautiful table cloths I’ve ever seen! Each makes great cover for tables and other furniture.


In addition, there were also there are aprons, bookmarks, head rests, cups, and other uniquely decorated everyday items. Prices range from tens to hundreds of yuans.


Mrs. Liu was a kind woman, who speaks a little English.


What I appreciate

Rattle-drums I used to play with


What customers appreciate

Pretty items with unique decorations, quality service

Beijing pictures, The store

For those who find their bedspreads and comforters too bland, you should visit the Gu Dian Jia Ju in Chaoyang district to truly spice up the bedroom.


Despite its moderate size, the store carries an amazing array of distinctive Chinese bedspreads, table clothes, and pillow cushions. The fabrics used vary, but most involve silk, which the Chinese favor for its comfortable feel and easy maintenance.  The patterns, on the other hand, draw inspirations from traditional Chinese culture. The peony represents nobleness, the bamboo symbolizes dignity, and the pine tree stands for strength and resolve. The dominant colors are bright red and brilliant yellow, which symbolizes prosperity and royalty respectively.


Prices are reasonable. A silk table cloth, for example, sells RMB 60. A bedspread may costs RMB 180. The shop assistants speak a little English, and the prices are open to bargaining.


What I appreciate

Beautiful bedspreads and comforters


What customers appreciate

Distinctively Chinese bedspreads and comforters

Beijing pictures, Yun Hong Chopsticks Shop

When it comes to picking a souvenir to conclude your tour in Beijing, what shall you choose? A tea set, an embroidered painting, a brush pen? Actually, ornate chopsticks make excellent souvenirs for tourists. With their exquisite designs, these chopsticks and the matching accessories greatly complement your china, make great gifts, and easy to carry too. The Chinese have used chopsticks for most of its history.   They are an integral part of the Chinese culture.


Yunhong Chopsticks is the largest franchise decorative chopsticks store in China, and is renowned for its quality, elegance, and uniqueness. I went to the outlet at Yueshow Fashion Market. They carry a huge selection of engraved chopsticks, chopstick holders, bowls, and decorative table clothes. There are even ornate spoons and forks for the non-chopstick users. 


One extremely popular design for foreign customers is the chopsticks engraved with Chinese Opera masks. Chinese patrons, on the other hand, prefer chopsticks decorated with the Chinese zodiac animals for gifts. If you would like one as a gift, simply tell the shop assistant the birth date of the recipient, and they can tell you which animal design to get. 


Prices start at RMB 40 for a pair and can rise to upwards of several thousand Yuan, depending on the wood type and design. There is haggling room for products above RMB 300.


Shop assistants are very hospitable, and can speak a little English. For foreign clientele, they can also teach you the right way to use chopsticks, and introduce you to the meanings of their chopsticks.


What I appreciate

Large selection of chopsticks and reasonable prices


What customers appreciate

Large selection and incredible designs

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Beijing Shopping: This was the Three Sisters' Art Workshop, where brushes decorated daily items to give them new looks. Themes ranged from deities to animals, court ladies to playful children.