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Tea is good for your health, but maybe you don't like its taste. How about putting some delicious fruits or other food into it to make it more flavorful? Cheng Yuan tea house is a good place to find such tea.

The tea house has a large variety of tea, including green tea, flower tea, black tea, and oolong tea. But the one that I found most attractive was ginseng-oolong tea.

When the shop owner showed me the tea in a brick, I just couldn't believe it. The tea leaves were stuck tightly together, like beautiful green stones. Put them into a teapot, and the bricks immediately open and release the tea leaves with a pleasant aroma.

As a mixture of oolong tea leaves and precious ginseng, so it tastes a bit sweet.

According to the shop owner, drinking ginseng-oolong tea is especially good for the eyes, throat, and teeth. If you drink it after drinking alcohol, it can remove the dry and uncomfortable feeling in your throat.

Another special tea offered in this shop is litchi-black tea. It's mixed litchis and black tea. In the wintertime, drinking this tea can keep your stomach warm, and more remarkably, improve your skin!

The tea shop also has various tea sets: those made of porcelain, glass, and purple clay. The transparent glass tea set is suitable for brewing flower tea. You can enjoy the tea leaves dancing in the cup, and its beautiful color changes in just minutes.

The purple clay teapots are surely indispensable for any tea lover. A brown teapot in the shape of a cute pumpkin looked so appealing. Another teapot has a funny fish lid with beautiful water lines around, so it looks like the fish has just jumped out of your tea!

This shop has so many interesting things to discover. I am sure it won't disappoint you when you come here.

What I appreciate:

Precious and tasty tea

What customers appreciate:

A great variety of tea and tea sets


Drinking tea is good for your health. Different kinds of tea have different tastes and medicinal functions. Near Beijing¡¯s famous Drum Tower, I found a tea shop where you can get almost every kind of tea you want. 

The tea shop is beautifully decorated with red Chinese knots, and gives a comfortable, warm feeling. To my surprise, the shop assistant speaks fluent English.

First she showed me some precious white tea called ¡°silver needle.¡± I noticed the tea leaves were covered with white hair, and they were shaped like a needle. Drinking this tea is helpful for diabetics, the owner said.

Another kind of tea she showed to me also has an interesting name: phoenix oolong tea. It grows on a mountain called Phoenix Mountain. Oolong tea is especially suitable for drinking in cold weather, as it has a deep, natural flavor, and is good for your stomach.

The tea shop also features a variety of tea sets. They are good quality and look beautiful. A set of bright red tea sets looks quite striking, and is said to have been favored by the emperors in ancient China.

Just before I was ready to leave, the warmhearted shop assistant brewed me a cup of oolong tea. Watching her skillfully prepare the tea with a whole set of tea tools, like a tea funnel, tea clip, tea brush, and tea spoon, I felt overjoyed that I found this lovely tea shop.

Well, if you come to this tea shop, you will have the same opportunity I did, so come taste any tea you like!

What I appreciate:

Tasty tea, good service

What customers appreciate:

Various kinds of quality tea, English-speaking shop assistant


Drinking tea is not only healthy, but also enjoyable. Especially when your tea is brewed in an endearing tea pot.

In a famous tea street, I found a shop offering quality tea and tea sets. Tea come in all types, including green tea, black tea, white tea, floral tea, and pu'er tea. The shopkeeper especially recommended the compressed pu'er tea cakes. There are two kinds of pu'er tea cakes: raw tea cake and processed tea cake. Raw pu'er tea can relieve your stress and refresh your mind. Precessed pu'er tea can help you digest food and lose weight.

Among all the tea sets in this shop, a green tea set is quite eye-catching. It is made of mineral material which is beneficial to health. The lid of the tea pot is in the shape of a beautiful butterfly.

A display of numerous purple clay tea pots highlights this shop. Purple clay is a special material, which gives tea a rich and mellow taste, and preserve its quality and color for over one night.

What I appreciate:
Quality tea and tea sets

What customers appreciate:
Various teas, beautiful tea sets with superb craft

Beijing pictures, Inside of a purple clay tea cup

Purple clay from the county of Yixing is considered the best natural material for making tea sets. Their purple clay teapots can abundantly release your tea's aroma and keep it from going tasting bad better than any other material.


On my visit to Chayuan Tea City at the south end of Maliandao Tea Street yesterday afternoon, I found some user-friendly purple clay tea cups in a shop (No. A2-10) named Qingyi, which literally means "Affection" in English.


As I set my eyes upon the tea cups shown on the shelves, a shop assistant started telling me about the twelve Chinese zodiac animal cups originally designed by the shopkeeper, Mr. Chen.


I picked up a chocolate-colored one with a miniature rooster on the cover. When I opened the lid, to my surprise, I found a purple clay interlayer stuck in the middle. Inside stood another miniature rooster. This layer has many small, round holes that allow tea to pass through and keep the leaves at the bottom. So don¡¯t worry about accidently drinking any leaves.


Prices for all of their tea cups range from 20 to 120 yuan. For teapots, the prices vary greatly by quality, from 50 to 16,000 yuan. In addition, you can find a variety of tea ceremony accessories, and some famous Chinese teas too.


Another middle-aged shopkeeper used to be a tour guide, and can speak English.


What I appreciated

Purple clay tea cups originally designed by shop keeper, reasonable prices


What customers appreciate

User-friendly purple clay tea cups, Chinese teas and tea sets


What a pity it is if a tea lover doesn't have a good purple clay teapot! For this teapot accentuate and preserve the aroma of your tea, bringing out its full taste. It does this through tiny, invisible pores which allow air to freely flow, and for the flavor to sink in. The longer a purple clay teapot is used, the sleeker and brighter it looks.


Yesterday, on the fifth floor of Bairong World Trade Centre, I found a nice place carrying both purple clay and porcelain tea sets. The purple clay tea pots on a shelf come in brown, chocolate, and green hues. Most of them are sold for RMB 50 to 300. Higher end pots were made by masters with their personal certificate.


Other purple clay products include cups in various sizes and small animal decorations.


They also carry a wide variety of porcelain tea sets. Although not as good as purple clay when it comes to tea-making, these tea sets do look more exquisite for decoration purposes. Most come in gift boxes. The most appealing one to me was a box containing a pot and four tea bowls. Combining both purple clay and porcelain, they also have an antique feel with various cracks. Don¡¯t worry. These cracks are made by design and won¡¯t break. Each set costs about RMB 45.


The shop owners have much experience with foreign customers, so communication is not a problem.


What I appreciated

Purple clay and porcelain tea sets, reasonable prices


What customers appreciate

Elaborate tea sets, many designs for selection


Speaking of tea sets, I have to mention the famous Yixing purple clay teapots. They are made of purple clay produced only in the Yixing region in Jiangsu Province. Yixing teapot is made without any glaze, so air can flow through it. This keeps the tea inside the pot from turning stale or discolored. Very useful is it during summer, by allowing the tea to remain drinkable for a long time.


Yixing purple clay teapots have been used since the Song Dynasty a thousand years ago. Nowadays, they are found all over the world, including the second floor of Baigong Handicraft Museum. There, I discovered an interesting workshop specializing in making and selling the finest purple clay teapots.


Stepping inside, I was fortunate enough to find the shop owner teaching a student how to make a tea pot. I watched for 20 minutes before I started chatting with the owner. He told me he¡¯s from Yixing, and has been making purple clay teapots for 20 years. Completing a pot usually takes him more than ten days. But these days, he makes tea pots only for fun.


In a showcase on right side shows some of the finest pots he made. He said these were some of the finest Yixing pots today, most of them are inscribed with Chinese calligraphy. Prices are high. For example, a small pot inscribed with Chinese characters "Qing Feng", or "Fresh Breeze", cost RMB 10,000.


What I appreciated

A teapot-making master


What customers appreciate

Exquisite purple clay tea pots, collector¡¯s item


Many foreign tourists ask me the question, ¡°What is most quintessential Chinese gift?¡± To which I always respond, ¡°A Chinese tea set.¡± A tea set describes much about the Chinese culture, from its porcelain material, to traditional art and calligraphy, to conveying the importance of teas in the minds of Chinese.


QingCi LanTing in LiuLiChang, Xuanwu district offers a large variety of tea sets from Longquan. The area is renowned as the celadon ¨C a type of porcelain with a pale green glaze - capital of the country. Interested, I went inside for a visit.


Inside, I saw tea sets in various shapes and patterns, made with celadon porcelain. I took a close look, and noted the unique greenish color and a translucent glaze Longquan porcelain¡¯s known for. The owner said that in ancient times, they followed a sophisticated process to make these pieces, and therefore only the very rich can afford them. I looked at the set I was holding. Thankfully, it¡¯s now at a much more affordable RMB 130.


In addition to wonderful celadon tea sets, the shop also sells china, vases, jars, and pendants made from Celadon. The owner speaks a little English, communication shouldn¡¯t be a problem.  



What I appreciate

Beautiful tea sets, reasonable prices


What customers appreciate

Quality celadon, large selection

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Beijing Shopping: Tea is good for your health, but maybe you don't like its taste. How about putting some delicious fruits or other food into it to make it more flavorful? Cheng Yuan tea house is a good place to find s...