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As a quaint neighborhood store in the Jing An area of northern Beijing, Qi Se Guang always attracts a big crowd, with moms shopping for everything their babies need.


This store offers baby clothes and related items for children under three. The shoppers tell me that they love the selection. You can find everything here: cradles, pillows, toys, diapers, clothes, and much more.


The store¡¯s playground section really helps out shoppers, where your little one can play under adult supervision while you shop.


Shop assistants are quite helpful too, ready to listen to your needs and help you out. They can speak a little English. Prices are reasonable compared with similar stores, ranging from RMB 10 to several hundred RMBs.



What I appreciate

Large selection


What customers appreciate

Large selection, the playground


TOTS aim at babies, children and also grown-ups. According to a shop assistant, their customers can be aged 0 to 100.

The shop sells educational toys, family games, games to develop the IQ, and hobby devices.


Educational toys are designed for kids 3-7 years old. I found a game of cards based on seniority amongst animals: elephant can control tiger, tiger leads wolf, wolf can eat sheep, but rat can damage elephant¡¯s teeth. At only RMB 20, this inexpensive deck promises hours of fun to the family.


Hobby devices serve in outdoor activities. The shop carries fishing rods, for instance (priced at around RMB 300).


Family games are played by more than 3 players.


Games for developing the IQ are for grown-ups. Every game is packaged with a set of instructions.


At the time of writing, prices for some of the items had been slashed by half.


Customers appreciate:

Variety of games

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Beijing Shopping: As a quaint neighborhood store in the Jing An area of northern Beijing, Qi Se Guang always attracts a big crowd, with moms shopping for everything their babies need.