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As a tea lover, you must know green tea, but most likely you know little about white tea. So last Saturday when I passed by a white tea shop on the Maliandao tea street, I decided to go in and check it out.


The shop owner Ms. Mei greeted me, and asked me to sit at a big tea table to taste their tea. While brewing, she gave me a brief introduction to her products.


The tea leaves here are picked at a large ecological tea plantation in southeast China¡¯s Fujian province. White tea is ranked as one of the 6 major types of Chinese tea. It is rich in amino acids and provitamin A. Drinking white tea often helps lower your blood viscosity, blood pressure, and blood sugar. If you drink a cup of white tea in the hot summer, you will be kept from heat stroke all day long.


With this, she handed me a glass of white tea called Baihao Yinzhen, or White Tipped Silver Needle in English. I saw straight tea leaves floating in the water. Some of them were slowly dropping to the bottom, but they still stayed upright.


The fragrance was not strong, but very agreeable. The apricot yellow color was quite clear. I took a sip, and the tea was soft and smooth in my mouth. After tasting it, I felt relaxed and refreshed both in body and in mind.


Apart from white tea, the shop also carries other kinds of Chinese tea like Pu¡¯er tea and Oolong tea.


What I appreciated

Unique white tea, healthy tea


What customers appreciate

Health-giving white tea, Chinese tea

Beijing pictures, Luxueya

Luxueya, more than any other brand, really brought Fujian's tea culture to the capital. They did this by putting their shop on Maliandao street, the largest collection of tea shops in northern China.

However, back in 1997 when their Beijing branch first opened, Maliandao was hardly a major shopping area. But after 10 years of hard work and development, Luxueya has grown significantly along with the tea street itself.

All of Luxueya teas come from the Taimu Mountains back in Fujian province. Their plantation, which covers several mountains, produces organic green tea, white tea, jasmine tea, and black tea. Many of Luxueya's patent tea have won gold prizes in domestic and international exhibitions.

The most famous tea at the shop is white tea, which is uncured and unfermented tea. Prices vary according to their type. For example, 150 g new Bai Mu Dan (white tea) is priced at RMB 88, while 370 g 2-year-old Shou Mei (white tea) costs RMB 256. If you don't mind having a good packaging, Luxueya carries loose tea for comparatively lower prices.

What I appreciate:
Luxueya tea

What customer appreciate:
Good-quality tea

Beijing pictures, Dingyun white tea

You may familiar with green tea and red tea, but how about white tea? The best white teas look like tiny white hairs, and give the tea a pale look.

Ding Yun, located on the famou Ma Lian Dao tea street, sells white tea exclusively. The shop owner, Mr Chen, has a huge plantation on the foot of Tai Mu Mountain in Fuding, where they've been growing white tea for 200 years.

When it comes to white tea, Mr Chen could talk forever."There is a fairy tale in my hometown. Long time ago, a girl, named Lan Gu, lived on the foot of Tai Mu mount. One year, an unknown disease killed many children in the village. To save the village, a god told Lan Gu in her dream to pick up the leaves in a cave on Tai Mu Mountain to help the children. The children were then saved. Afterwards, the village started to plan these leaves, which now became the white tea."

Ding Yun carries different types of white tea, such as Bai Hao Yinzhen, Bai Mu Dan and Shou Mei. Bai Hao Yinzhen is widely considered the best among them. All white teas are low in caffeine, and are believed to have good anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities.

The longer preserved white tea has more value. For example, 2004 Bai Hao Yinzhen is sold at RMB 800 per 500g. While 2005 tea costs half the price.

What I Appreciate:
Good white tea

What customer appreciate:
Large selection of different white tea

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Beijing Shopping: As a tea lover, you must know green tea, but most likely you know little about white tea. So last Saturday when I passed by a white tea shop on the Maliandao tea street, I decided to go in and check i...