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The 2nd floor of Cuiwei Shopping Plaza features numerous brands of women's wear. One brand that caught my eye during my visit was Lavinia from Italy.


Lavinia is quite popular in Beijing, as evidenced by its name showing up at just about every mall and department store in the capital. According to the shop assistant, all apparels are designed in Italy, while their clothes are made in both Shenzhen in south China and Italy.


The shop assistant showed me some of their new arrivals. I took a close look at a beautiful dark coffee-colored one-piece dress (RMB 578). This sleeveless dress featured a simple yet exquisite design, with a crown leather strap decorated in the middle. Its materials included cotton, terylene, and urethane elastic fiber.


Generally, the apparels come in two levels of prices: RMB 500 to RMB 1000, and over RMB 1000.


What I appreciated:

One piece dress in coffee hue, simple design


What customers appreciate:

High quality, reasonable price


Seasky has become quite popular in Beijing, with several outlets here. One outlet is located on the 2nd floor of Anzhen Hualian Plaza, where I found plenty of modern women apparel, especially skirts.


As I looked around the store, it was obvious Seasky's favorite colors are black and white. The shop assistant recommended me a skirt with these two hues: black stripes with a white bottom (RMB 598). The material is 100% cotton, and the tailoring looked very good. I felt the price a bit expensive, personally. However, Seasky has a large number of loyal consumers who love their unique designs.


The racks featured the new arrivals, but there were also plenty of offseason clothes to choose from at 50% discount. Regular prices ranged from RMB 400 to RMB 800.


What I appreciated:

Simple design


What customers appreciate:

Good quality, unique, simple design


Jessica is a famous apparel brand based in Hong kong, which specializes in women's dresses. Today, it owns 10 outlets in Beijing, most of them inside shopping centers. As I walked through through the first floor of New Gate City, their latest dress on display really drew me in.

As I looked around, I saw mainly dresses for for the office. The clothes came in several hues, included black, deep blue, golden-yellow, purple, white and grey. I picked out a black one-piece business dress, priced at RMB 724, which is fairly representative of their design. The dress looked both casual yet professional enough for work. It featured two long sleeves with a circular collar. The upper caddice shirt matched the cotton skirt very well.

To go along with the dresses, Jessica also offers leather shoulder bags. The bags come in several colors: red, yellow, pink, and white. They were priced at around RMB 500.

The shop assistants at JESSICA¡¯s can speak a little English. They are very polite to customers, and ready to help you any time. Please note that there is no discount or haggling room for any of their products.

What I appreciated:

Clean environment, high quality

What customers appreciate:

Famous brand with high quality

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Beijing Shopping: The 2nd floor of Cuiwei Shopping Plaza features numerous brands of women's wear. One brand that really catch my eye is LAVINIA, which comes from Italy.