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Located on the 2nd floor of the Xinhua Shopping Mall, Aniya Apparel now offers its winter collection on sale. This fashion brand, which aims at the young office ladies, has opened more stores in Beijing.


At the shop I visited, a melon-red shirt caught my attention immediately. According to a shop assistant who could speak a little English, this long-pattern shirt (priced at RMB 289) was a popular model, matched a blue short skirt. A close examination showed me this shirt was well made. I tried it on, and saw its fit would make a girl look slimmer.


Aniya¡¯s displays are orderly and neat. Outerwear and cotton coats are shown by the entrance door, while sweaters and trousers are placed on racks. The garments offered at the time of my visit were sold at 40-60% discounts for the coming Spring Festival. Aniya organizes discount sales on a regular basis.


This brand of woman apparel originates from Shanghai, and its customers are aged 20 to 35. The shop assistants insisted their clientele of office ladies seek to look refined and elegant.


Prices ranged from RMB 150 to RMB 550. Bargain is not customary at Aniya stores.


What I appreciated:

The melon-red shirt


What customers appreciate:

Elegant design, low discounted prices



As I walked along the North 3rd Ring Road, I stumbled upon a women's apparel shop with a strange name, Blur. Curious about the shop's name, I decided to take a look inside.


According to the shop assistant, Blur Apparel owns many chain outlets in Beijing. She says that the Blur¡¯s business philosophy is to design Chinese apparel mixed with modern elements. So people cannot categorize them as either traditional or modern style.


New arrivals were displayed on the walls, while older styles hung on the racks at 20% discount. As I looked around, I saw that most patrons prefered bright hues with intricate designs. The shop assistant recommended a Chinese style ladies' jacket with a deep white hue and green bamboo designs on the front. The sale price was RMB 228 after a 20% discount.


Customers may request unique apparels made to order. It takes about one month, and there is just a little surcharge. Unfortunately, the shop assistant does not speak English.


What I appreciated:

The traditional Chinese winter jackets in white


What customers appreciate:

Low prices, high quality


Whole Cool, a Beijing-based brand which designs apparels for middle-aged females, helps the more old-fashioned ladies get a makeover. Curious, I visited Whole Cool¡¯s outlet near middle North 3rd Ring Rd.


When I walked in, the shop assistant inside was helping a female patron try on a pair of modern-style trousers (RMB 388). The customer was an old-fashioned Chinese woman, who although a bit embarrassed for wearing something different, found it to her liking because it¡¯s still fairly conservative. I examined the trousers myself, made from terylene and cotton, and felt thick and comfortable. The colors mix yellow with grey.


The store currently feature sweaters, skirts, scarves, and jackets for the winter season. The shop assistant introduced me a maxiskirt with matching boots, highly popular with their customers. The maxi is brown(although also available in other colors) with a simple yet elegant design, is priced RMB 728.


The prices for the maxis range from RMB 600 to RMB 900. Sweaters costs RMB 200 to RMB 400, and other items costs RMB 100 to RMB 500. You can bargain a little bit. But be sure to have pen and paper ready, because the shop assistant might not speak English.


What I appreciated:

The maxi in brown


What customers appreciate:

Beijing-based brand, fashionable designed for middle-aged women


A You's women's wear is renowned for its unique design and strong Chinese ethnic style. Located at XieJieKou North Street, you will find a range of trendy clothes for women designed by top local designers. Founded in 1996, the 20 square-meters shop has been regarded as the first choice for women's wear among the young ladies in Beijing.

The shop assistant told me that the best seller is the gracious tee dress. It is a beautiful short length dress with hand-embellished sequins and copper domes. This eye-catching dress, priced at RMB 388, is the face of A You¡¯s winter collection.

The prices range from RMB 168 to RMB 358 for summer clothes and from RMB 180 to RMB 520 for winter clothes. Shop assistants speak basic English, so simple conversation is no problem.

What I appreciate

Chinese ethnic style

What customers appreciate

Trendy women's clothes and reasonable prices


As I walked around the University of Business and Economics, I saw some very nice looking single-colored coats on display at Hongying, a brand of women's apparel.  So I decided to take a look.


Upon entering into this Hongying retail outlet, I first examined the red woolen overcoat. It felt very warm, and red is a popular winter color here in Beijing. Another black coat looked very stylish for formal occasions. Both are priced at RMB 658.


I then went to the shop's hats and bags section, and picked out a grey hat to try on. The design is a spiffy style which fits Chinese office ladies very well (RMB 138).


According to the shop assistant, Hongying mainly offers new arrivals in its limited space. So you rarely find clearance items. Prices range from RMB 100 to RMB 1000. The shop assistants can speak a little English to communicate with foreign customers. All prices are fixed.


What I appreciated:

The grey hat in modern style


What customers appreciate:

Elegant design, good quality


Morgan is an Italian women¡¯s wear brand. It has an outlet  located on the 1st floor of New Gate City Mall, Haidian District. The shop offers women¡¯s wear for young ladies from 20 to 35 years old. I arrived there just in time to see a clearance on the offseason clothes.


The discounts are very nice. For example, I found an elegant casual business suit for RMB 288, down from its original price of RMB 576. It was turquoise blue, and made from 90% cotton and 10% urethane elastic fiber, with the collar designed in the shape of a lotus leaf. You can find many other models like this on sale at nice prices.


Among the clearance items, a milk-white party petticoat really caught my eye. It was a sleeve-less design with a long V-shaped collar and a milk-white belt at the waist. Made from silk, cotton and urethane elastic fiber, the petticoat felt was exceedingly light and soft. The price was RMB 828.


The shop assistants speak a little English, so there is no problem for them to help you pick what you need. In general, prices for their clothes are from RMB 500 up to RMB 2000.


What I appreciated:

A casual business suit in turquoise blue


What customers appreciate:

Famous women¡¯s wear brand with good quality

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Beijing Shopping: Located on the 2nd floor of the Xinhua Shopping Mall, Aniya Apparel now offers its winter collection on sale. This fashion brand, which aims at the young office ladies, has opened more stores in Beiji...